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Welcome to Livwell, Your Partner in Ergonomics

welcome To Livwell

Welcome to Livwell, Your Partner in Ergonomics

Livwell bvba was established in 2006 because many people are looking for a desk chair that is really capable of reducing or avoiding back pain. However, only passive desk chairs were found in the market. These do not stimulate your body to respond to a collapse. The people’s bodies are sagging and this causes problems in the neck and back.


  • SpinaliS chairs really work your muscles.
  • Your spine is physically supported by your own muscles.
  • Identical as on the seat ball with the comfort of an office chair.
  • Your back stays straight and your spine does not collapse.
  • Back pain disappears or decreases very strongly.
  • The pelvis moves freely.
  • Perfect lumbar support relieves the back.

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