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Custom Work

Livwell bvba and Spinalis have the aim of improving your physical comfort and ergonomics.
We all live and work much too statically and move too little. Livwell wants to help you here.
We try to keep you physically healthy. We offer solutions to alleviate your back pain and neck pain, while improving your core stability, or in other words we want to keep you fit and vital.
Our seats and furniture take care of this.

Custom work

But we can do even more. Very many people need specific adaptations of seats or furniture. We are also working on this. We can adapt our seats and desks in line with your needs or ergonomics.

Some examples

We can fit our seats with caps instead of wheels.  Sometimes it can indeed be necessary for the seat to stay put instead of rolling.

We can lower or raise our seats with special pumps.  Sometimes it can indeed be necessary to work lower or higher.

We can fit foot rings on our seats to provide support if you have to sit higher.

We can supply our desks with T-legs, 4-legs, 1-leg and this both with fixed height, adjustable height and electrically adaptable heights.

Does the customer want a seat with foot operation to adjust the height?  This can also be provided. Come and have a chat with us.

Do you want a Sit/Stand table without power cable?  No problem, we can supply a battery.

We can make our table tops in all shapes in line with your wishes.  We look for the best solution together.

In other words, put your question to us and we will try to find a solution.
Do not hesitate to call us for an appointment and visit us in our showroom.
You can already get plenty of ideas there.

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