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Livwell is the exclusive distributor of SpinaliS

SpinaliS chairs really work your muscles.

Your spine is physically supported by your own muscles.

Identical as on the seat ball with the comfort of an office chair.

Your back stays straight and your spine does not collapse.

Back pain disappears or decreases very strongly.

The pelvis moves freely.

Perfect lumbar support relieves the back.


Spinalis is the Latin translation of spinal column.
We move too little in our modern society.  During our work we also move too little, we sit for too long and mainly passively.
A few hours of sport a week cannot compensate for the many hours we spend seated.
We therefore have to move more during the day or at work.

What about being able to move while being seated? This can be done on the SpinaliS seats.

Yes indeed,… you read correctly.  You are practicing sport while sitting.
Your muscles stay active while you are seated. You keep your balance while seated with active stomach and back muscles.  Your core stability works and keeps you fit. As you continue to use your muscles, your body no longer sags so your back no longer feels any pressure.

Very high comfort, easy to use 8 hours a day, spontaneously seated actively and passively with 1 SpinaliS seat.

But you are also seated in great comfort on the SpinaliS seat at the same time.
You can still comfortably rest against the adjustable back rest at any time.
The arm rests can also be adjusted so your neck and upper back enjoy perfect support.
Switching between sitting actively and passively is easy and happens very naturally.
So anyone can use the SpinaliS seats depending on their own physical capabilities.
Older people also enjoy being seated comfortably on a SpinaliS.

Are you looking for an office chair to relieve pain?


The ergonomic Spinalis work and office chairs help you alleviate any pain. There is less strain on your back because the dynamic seat of the office chair moves with the movements of your body. This movement of your body is comparable with seating actively on a ball seat at the physiotherapist.  It is not without reason that using a ball seat is advised by movement experts, including chiropractors and physiotherapists, not only for people with back complaints but also everyone who wants to avoid suffering from such complaints.

Are you looking for an office chair to keep you fit and healthy?


Ergonomic work and office chairs from Spinalis prevent back complaints. The ball seat effect indeed ensures that you automatically sit upright while you train your back and stomach muscles. Lower back pain and hernia complaints are then prevented. Moving in all directions while seated on the Spinalis work or office chair means the pelvis is continuously moving, so unnecessary pressure on the intervertebral discs and/or overloaded joints is prevented. This distinguishes Spinalis ergonomic office chairs from other brands of ergonomic office chairs.


On the Spinalis ergonomic work and office chairs the seat moves with the movements of your body so you continue to move the whole day without noticing. This prevents or reduces back complaints.

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